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FAS3020 FC shelf reboot


Good morning, everybody.

We have FAS 3020 storage with two heads, 2 FC (DS14) shelves and one SATA shelf. 1 FC shelf is owned by head 1, second FC and SATA shelf are owned by Head 2.

After connecting SATA to head 2, its FC shelf started to blink with amber leds on all disks but continue to work correctly.

maybe rebooting of this FC shelf will help ?

So questions:

1. What do you think about rebooting FC shelf , but without downtime for storage itself.

2. Is there some procedure about shelf reboot on FAS 3020.

Thank you.



There is no procedure to reboot shelf. The only possibility is to power it off and on. This procedure is disruptive and requires that both controllers are shut down.

You should open case with NetApp support and ask them to investigate the problem.


Definitely work with support... but if there are no errors with environment shelf output, then sometimes just reseating the ESH modules (one at a time...work with support) and confirming MPHA first will fix it.  Reseating the modules can often clear amber lights.