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FAS3020 FCAL disk removal


I had to register an account with netapp just to get access to documentation. But of course when I login I am not given access to the documentation. Nice feature. Way ta go netapp. This should all be ONLINE and freely available. ??? If it is online somewhere and freely available, my apologies, but I can't find it.

Again, apologies, this is probably an easy thing.

I have a failed fcal disk. The spare kicked in nicely so everything if fine in that respect. I don't know the procedure for removing the failed disk and replacing it. From what I can read in the man pages, it says disk swap command is only for SCSI disks. Nothing in there about fcal. For all I know its as simple as pulling the disk out and plunking a new one in. But normally fcal needs to have the device removed from the loop somehow.

Any insight would be appreciated.



If the disk is amber and you see if failed in "aggr status -f" then you can pull the disk.  Support should have sent a replacement and you can reference the RMA # with support if any issues or questions.  I think it takes 3 business days (maybe faster now) for a NOW account to get full access after giving the serial number of your system.


I can see the failed disk in many different ways, including the way you pointed out.

We have 4 spare disks, that's not really the problem. I can click Remove after having selected the disk in filerview, but based on my reading, it depends on what type of disk you have. So you are saying I can just pull an fcal disk out and don't have to worry about the loop being reset? Normally fcal disks have to be halted and taken off the loop electronically prior to removal.

Once I replace the disk, does the new disk automaticly become a spare?

I wish NetApp would make there Now account activation clearer.

I wish NetApp would put there documentation ONLINE and none of this register before you can see business

Thank you for your help.


ONTAP won't rebuild again.. The replacement will become a spare disk (it won't rebuld again). There is a disk remove command but when failed we haven't had to run it.. The loop will reset.. If esh modules the drive is separated on the fcal.. If an lrc it is all one loop but still supports hot swap.. But I don't miss the lrc days.. They aren't supported on 7.3+ either so good to upgrade and retire them if you have those.

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