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FAS3270 PSU numbering


Hi all,


I've got a FAS3270 with 2 power supplies. One of them (PSU2) is showing as degraded however the LEDs on both PSUs are green. Below is the error message:


:monitor.chassisPowerSupply.degraded:notice]: Chassis power supply 2 is degraded: PSU2 Current is Unreadable


I want to reseat the PSU but unsure which PSU is PSU2. Looking from the back of the unit there is no numbering on the PSUs. So am I right in assuming PSU2 is the one on the right hand side?



You could try to turn on/off System FRU LEDs from service processor


  1. Enter Diag mode:
    SP filer> priv set diag
  2. SP filer*> system fru list
  3. SP filer*> system fru led show 
  4. SP filer*> system fru led set <number> on

If that doesn't work get the serial number of PSU from Service processor


1. SP filer*> system fru log show 


The serial number is located in the rear side of the PSU (match the serial number)


hope it helps


You could do all that... but you're right.  PSU1 is on the left and PSU2 is on the right.