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FAS8020 - SATA Configuration




I have a FAS8020 Cluster-mode set up as a SAS/SSD Hybrid which is going all well


but i also have a DS4246 with 24x2TB Sata drive that i need to gain the most capacity out of - we are not using this storage yet and it is set up with only 27TB of space which i would of thought should give me alot more


what would be best raid setup be if it was going to blow it away and start again



what version of DOT are you running? The maximum for SATA disks in a single raid group is typically 20, so that would leave 4 spares, with two for parity, leaves 18 x 2TB for data.


I would do one raid group of 20.

2x11 RG gives the same 18 data disks with greatly improved rebuild time.


Good point, RG size of 11 would be good, also leaves only 2 spares instead of 4 idle disks.


thanks for the replies


i am running DOT: 8.3


what would be the max capacity i would get from these configurations?


for sata 2tb disk it should be around 1.64tb per data disks. so with raiddp 2x11rg you should get 18x1.64=29.5tb. One rg with 18 data disks would be same size, but you only have 2 parity disks instead of 4. But you have 4 spares 🙂

With an update of another 24 disk you could go for 3x15rg for example with only 3 spares.

If you have a spare ssd storage pool partition you should think about adding one to your sata aggregate as they really help with io bottlenecks on sata drives.