ONTAP Hardware

FAS8020 SP IP configuration


I've been cabling controllers and shelves etc. but my Customer wants me to setup the SP via the config he provides. 


I did serial connection to the SP, managed to log in and... spent 1 hour trying to see the option to configure network settings like ip, mask, gw but found none. Can someone help me to understand what I'm doing wrong and how SP can be configured? Can it be configured from the serial connection?


Normally SP is configured from within ONTAP - this ensures that if motherboard is replaced it will receive correct settings again automatically. If you need LAN access to SP before ONTAP is deployed you can do it from loader prompt with “sp config” but please understand that it is *not* replacement for proper configuration on ONTAP level.


I understand that but I have new devices to configure. so I want to find out if I can change ip settings of SP via the serial connection to SP


From the serial console port, access the SP shell by pressing Control-G


sp setup command from the node shell or if is clustered ontap then you can use "system node service-processor network modify"