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Fas2240-4 Fas controller hangs at login with system oncommand system manager


I have a Fas2240-4 FAS controller that's hanging when I try to login with the system oncommand system manager. I was trying to resize a NFS share, but when I started the wizard at the first screen on next. It was hanging at Loading.

I wasn't able to do anything, also couldn't see any snapshot copies and stuff like that.

What can I do? Because this controller is at a production scene, can i reboot the controller on the fly? and what kind of command do I have to use, so the VM's connected to this controller can't go down.

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First thing try reinstalling system manager and se if it works. Check if you are using latest version of systems manager.

Also check if you have sufficient hardware resources memory/processing power to run Systems manager on the machine u have installed systems manager.

The other better way to manage your Netapp storage is via CLI. If you are comfortable with linux OS , you could try setting up a admin host for your filers.

You can have secure ssh sessions from admin host to manage your filers.

There are a lot of documents available for setting up netapp admin hosts.

Also I dont think its your filer thats hanging, unless its heavily loaded than it can handle. I assume its the systems manager software or the system running it is the culprit.

You can also try directly loging into the filer via putty / console and run sysstat -m to see overall CPU load on the filer. If you are seeing cpu loads > 90% than it could cause filer to respond slowly. I am sure  you dont want to unnecessarily reboot your production filer and take down time.