ONTAP Hardware

Head Swap and root aggregate which uses ADP


I am preparing for a head swap from a dual-controller AFF 8080 to a dual-controller AFF A700. The root aggregate was created using ADP and is 368GB. The new heads will essentially require a doubling of the root aggregate size. 


Can the aggregate be expanded without adding physical disks somehow? My shelves are fully populated. 







You will have to check if you have enough spares or extra to use as a data disk instead and add them to the aggregate in question. If you do not and no more space available from the disk located in the shelf; you will have to purchase a new shelf with new disk.




You can only grow aggregates by adding disks (partitions).


Thanks. This was part of a "free" (love that word) head swap which was part of an agreement with NetApp, and my disk capacity for data is absolutely not an issue - as a matter of fact I will be getting some space back later in the year as a huge project completes. So buying another shelf is 100% not on the table. 


Assuming I was able to obtain "swing gear" for the migration - I could migrate all of the volumes housed on these shelves to a new aggregate, redo my aggregates, and then move everything back- correct?