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Help one location Filer to other location filer data copying



I am very new netapp..

we have a environment all dfs server are linked to netapp filers. we dont have any replication between the location in DFS and NETAPP aswell, we have NYK, LDN and SGP locations.

Every week we get request to move users data from one location other location. we use to copy users data from one filer to other filer (Ex : NYK to LND) we user windows 2008 server to copy files using robocopy. we map one filer and other filer data location-- then copy data using robocopy on windows server. 50 Gb data takes 2 to 3 days time to complete.

I was discussing with the team why don't we copy this using filer to filer on netapp storage itself rather using windows server.

Any one please help me . how can we perform copy data from filer to filer on netapp storage.

every week we have 200 to 300 GB data to copy location to location.



Is your copy strictly unidirectional or you copy data in both directions between two locations? Is data on destination available read-write or read-only? How do you solve collisions (when data was changed on both source and destination)?


Data having full acess to to both direction. My idea was can we create a volume or one filer in all location and copy the data or snapmirror the user's data ?

Or will i able to move the particular folder by any command in netapp storage.?