ONTAP Hardware

How do I check MAXDIRSIZE?



I keep getting the following error on my filer:

Directory is close to its MaxdirSize Limit (Directory /vol/skpprod_placnvsrc/cnv/src/proj/ is approaching the maxdirsize limit.)   

I am wondering how I can check the maxdirsize of my filer, or do I only check the maxdirsize at the volume level????

I've read some posts on maxdirsize but some info seems conflicting.

Is the maxdirsize the amount of directories you can have under each volume?  So in my example above, is the maxdirsize calculated by adding the amount of directories inside /cnv, /src, and /proj all added up; then multiply that number by 192; and divide it by the amount of memory I have in my filer = MADDIRSIZE

Is there an easy way to figure this out, or would I have to manually count all of the directories and do the math?

If I am getting near my maxdirsize limit, should I run vol options volname maxdirse to increase the maxidirsize of my volume?

I was told that the iused of a volume came into factor with the checking of this, is that true?





Modify the volume.. it will have an option to change the dirsize at that point.. but it could simply be over the limit (physically) that Netapp can support.. you may not be able to increase the number.