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How to check individual qtree sizes within a volume


Hello Folks,

I am trying to automate storage utilization for a CRM based tool. I am stuck at a point wherein I need to input individual qtree sizes for each volume to another script. Could you please help me out with an Ontap command that could fetch me individual qtree sizes (unix/ntfs style) from a volume containing it.

Many Thanks in advance!!





I am using FAS 6070c running Ontap Release 7.3.1.


To report qtree sizes, we often just use a null quota... setting a null quota (using "-") allows you to view current usage with the "quota report" command.  This is much faster than waiting for the output of du since the quota report size is updated realtime.

TR3425 gives quota examples...

# Quota Target       type                disk    files  thold  sdisk  sfile

To see the size of all qtrees in vol2 for example.. make an entry in /etc/quotas, then "quota on vol2" to enable quotas.  There will be no enforcement of a quota just reporting of usage.

*   tree@vol/vol2  - - - - -

If you want to hard set a limit then you could also do that using the default method above, or for individual qtrees a similar entry   /vol/vol2/qtree1 tree@vol/vol2 - - - - -"


Hi Dhiman,

The method that Scott provided will give you with all the information you are requesting.  If you are using quotas though you could also use "rdfile /etc/quotas" which may be easier to work with depending on exactly what it is you require.