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How to connect a FAS2050



I haven't installed our FAS2050, and I'm trying to double check my installation. Is there a document which explain how to physicaly connect a FAS 2050 to a switch ?

My FAS2050 has 2 controllers, on each of these controller I see 4 "ethernet" connector.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but starting from left to right I have:

1 Console port (a)

1 Management port (b)

1 ethernet port (c)

1 ethetnet port (d)

For now, I have

(a) nothing connected to the console port (seems normal for me),

(b) nothing connected to the management port (seems weird),

(c) 1 ethernet port is connect to my dedicated SAN/NAS switch (seems ok for me), my ESX NFS VMkernel are also connected on this switch

(d) 1 ethernet port is connect to my LAN for managment (seems wrong)

I think (d) should be connected on (b), am I right ? It seems that I use one of my ethernet port has a managment port, instead of using the "real" management port !!!

If the "real" management port (second on the left) has to be connected to my LAN, how do I reconfigure this ?

My goal is to team the 2 ports (on the right) of the FAS, to get better performance. I'm surprise that one of these port has been configured as a mamagement port.




Please refer to the attached setup info, or should call the CE for H/W installation.




If it was me i'd do the following (Very similar to your thoughts).

Port a = Leave empty (I myself use this instead of the BMC and have it going into a local server)

Port b = Connected into management LAN (Set this up by running bmc setup command).

Ports c & d = Create a VIF for (teamed NIC usage)