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How to create DFS share in NetApp ?


I am working on a application in which I have to create DFS shares in NetApp system.

As I am quite new to NetApp so don't know how to proceed on this.

It would be great if anybody can guide me on this step by step.

My application details

ASP.NET  v2.0 with C# or VB.net

Thanks in advance.




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Hi Sandeep,

I don't think you'll find your answer in this community.  I would try, https://communities.netapp.com/community/products_and_solutions/microsoft/management-virtualization or https://communities.netapp.com/community/products_and_solutions/microsoft/cifs-smb.


   - Rick -


NetApp can only be a link in a DFS path (ie: the share).  You generally are creating shares on the storage controller and then adding them to your DFS server.  Not sure if that is what you are looking for.  What you may be looking for is the NetApp SDK, which is available for download on the NetApp Support website.  If you have a Support contract you can login to the Support website, click on Downloads and look for NetApp Manageability SDK.


The only exception might be if you want to create widelinks on the netapp and then it would give dfs referrals from the netapp but most prefer using DFS like you mentioned... widelinks are cool but not often used and separate to manage and maintain from an AD environment.  Need more clarification on this question.