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How to create multiple luns on netapp fas 2040


I have NetApp FAS 2040 and would like to create multiple luns of same size for testing. I havent find any script or series of steps anywhere to do that.

Can someone please suggest me if its possible? if yes, how to do it. pointers will do....





Something like this?

vol create <volumename> -s none <aggrname> <volsize lun x 3>
snap reserve <volumename> 0
snap sched <volumename> 0 0 0
vol options <volumename> nosnap on
vol options <volumename> create_ucode on
vol options <volumename> convert_ucode on
vol options <volumename> no_i2p on
qtree create /vol/<volumename>/<qtreename>
wrfile -a /vol/<volumename>/sdparams.conf space_reservation_new_lun = off

lun create -s <lunsize> -t windows_2008 -o noreserve /vol/<volumename>/<qtreename>/<my.lun>

If you are not exactly know what you are doing, not sure if its of muc help?!

check the block storage administration guide in the documentation.

Sorry may be I am to dump to understand it.

how many luns above steps would create? I want to create more than 50 luns in sigle shot. is that possible?

This will create a suitable netapp flexible volume and then create 1 lun in it. For several LUNs you need to copy & paste the last line and count up the lun numbers, eg lun1.lun, lun2.lun etc., you could possibly to it with excel or a batch script. I dont have a script for that at hand.