ONTAP Hardware

How to move DS4243 disk shelf to new controller?


Right now we have a DS4243 disk shelf connected to a FAS2050 and one of the nodes is installed on the shelf. We've already migrated all the data from the FAS2050 to the internal drives of the FAS2240-2.

I need to know the correct way to move the disk shelf to the 2240-2 without issue. Do I perform a intialization of the owner disks and zero them all out to remove the data and then connect the shelf? Do I remove ownership of the disks on the FAS2050 in maintenance mode and then connect the disk shelf to the 2240 and assign the disks to the node I want? Is there a best way to do this?

Thank you for the guidence.



Destroy all aggregates on shelf, zero spares, remove disk ownership, shutdown filer, disconnect shelf. Now you add shelf online to any other filer.