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How to setup rsh between my linux box and Filer?


Hi All

I'm very new to NetAppp's.

Can anyone please let me know how to setup rsh/ssh communication between my linux box and NetApp's Filer?

Thanks in advance..




Telnet to the filer

use the command options rsh and options ssh,check if they are enabled.Make sure they are enabled and then you should be able to use them.

Also check ssh is setup,for this you can use secureadmin and press enter on command prompt.This will give you options to setup and enable them.Once you are done with this a rsh/ssh from your linux machine should work.Hope this information helps



This may not be a complete list of what needs to be done, but hopefully it will help get you started.  From what I remember it is a relatively simple process as long as you have the option turned on and have whatever rsh package on your linux box installed.

Add your linux host into the /etc/hosts.equiv file on your storage device root volume.

Run the rsh command from your linux host;

          rsh netapphostname -l user:pass command

Good luck


Thanks kenneth

It worked...!!

One more thing,

Is there anyway to easily edit the files on filer like that of using a notepad or something like that.

Its not easy to use wrfile.



It is better to use a text editor like gedit, nano or vi from an admin system that has access to the root vol.

If you have to use wrfile, you can copy out the text from rdfile output, edit it in a text editor then copy it back into wrfile.


I am afraid not, from a Data OnTap perspective there is only the very basic of tools for such tasks.  Fortunately setting up an NFS mount is relatively simple.

One word of caution, coming from the Windows side of things I know using wordpad is the best option for saving text files (messing up the formating can cause you serious issues).  I'm not sure what is best to use on the linux world.

I would imagine vi would not cause an issue, but there are a couple of steps to be sure; 1) backup your original file (just in case), 2)snapshots are always a good thing, 3) after making the change to the file do an rdfile from the storage device and verify the formating before committing the changes.


Thanks all for the help

Is there any easy way to browse files on filer ( root volume).

Can i access from Windows?

I tried mounting on Linux but failed.

     [root@absee ~]# mount -t nfs netapp_filer:/vol/vol0 /tmp/filer01/

     mount: netapp_filer:/vol/vol0 failed, reason given by server: Permission denied

     [root@absee ~]#

Any thing need to be done before mounting??



You should set up a Linux system as an adminhost if you want to access vol0 via NFS, or at least give it root access to vol0.