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How to shrink allocated size on a volume?



I would like to shrink the allocated size that is show in "aggr show_space" for a volume.

For exemple this volume is using ~490 MB, but 78 GB are allocated!

Volume                                                                    Allocated             Used             Guarantee

ds_bkpbkp_mirror_XX_ds_fc_rdm_XX_backup_si         78813640KB        490876KB      none

The volume size is 3 GB for the moment

vol size ds_bkpbkp_mirror_XX_ds_fc_rdm_XX_backup_si

vol size: Flexible volume 'ds_bkpbkp_mirror_XX_ds_fc_rdm_XX_backup_si' has size 3g.

How can I shrink this space? I tried to change the volume size with "vol size ..." but allocated space never goes down...

For information this volume is a VSM destination, and the replication is broken-off for the moment.





Did you try to turn off fs_size_fixed option?


Yes fs_size_fixed was off. But sorry for the missunderstanding: "vol size volname xxg" was working perfectly, but the value of the allocated entry in "aggr show_space" for this volume never changed. So my question is how to reduce the allocated value? Not the effective size of the volume.

Many thanks

What is the allocated space value for volume in source?

On the source allocated space is almost equal to used... on the destination allocated has 70 GB more than used (as explained above)