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If I send the serial to NetApp, can I check the date of manufacture?


Hello, there


I am not an English speaker, please understand me (south korea)


I am manager and  have a one problem. 


My company have so many netapp stroage (FAS, AFF) and I want to know date of manufacture


Q1) how to send list(I have a hard disk serial list) to netapp global team?


Q2) netapp global team tell me  that (hard disk serial : date of manufacture) answer to me? is that possible?


Everyone. please help me. thank you




Hi @Seiglee 


You can look up the "Shipment Date" of your inventory by logging into https://mysupport.netapp.com. Then going to "Systems" > "My Systems".  Then search as required.


There is a "Inventory" section where you can then view the individual details of each system such as shipment date, entitlement information etc. 


Additionally, at https://mysupport.netapp.com you can look up all the Sales Orders that your company has had with NetApp and look up order date, shipment date etc per Sales Order. 


Alternatively, you could also goto https://activeiq.netapp.com then click the "View All Sytems" button near the Inventory widget. It should show a nice table of all systems you can see from your account, their S/N, Shipment Date, Support Entitlement End Dates, and some other details. 


If this isn't the information you are looking for, then I would suggest you reach out to your local South Korea NetApp Partner or NetApp Sales Team to help you gather the details you are looking for.


Hope this helps. 


Hi RossC. thank you for reply!

but my problem is not solved because my company is not managed systems (no history)

and south korea NetApp partner answer me "We have not managed Hard disk serial and etc.."

therefore I think that directly contact NetApp global team or search for command list  (date info)


Hi @Seiglee 


If your account / login to mysupport.netapp.com is showing "no history", then it could be that your account is not correctly associated with the systems your company has. Which is why you can't see the required information.


My suggestion is to raise a Non-Technical Case with our team, and they can then help correct your Support Site login issue so you can see the required system history. 


You can open a Non-Technical Case by going too - https://mysupport.netapp.com/site/help?relevanturl=%2Fsystems%2Fmine (Choose "General Enquiry > Installed Products" for the Feedback Category). 


Feel free to mention you need Korean language, and our team will attempt to support you in Korean Language.


Hope this helps.