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Interchangeability disks FAS2050 <-> DS4243


Posted this one earlier today but can't find it anymore.

The information on the DS4243 is not complete yet on NOW, so I would like to get some additional info over here.

We have sold a FAS2050 with 20 x 450GB SAS (PN X289A). This machine should be used for DR purposes but the FAS2050 does not support DO8, and therefore this will result in future problems (Volume Based mirror between a FAS3140 and this 2050).

We are going to relies a backup solution, based on SnapVault. The FAS2050 will be used as a Vault machine. No problems to be expected with that. We will buy a new FAS2040 for DR purposes and would like to use the 450GB SAS disks in a DS4243 which will be connected to the FAS2040.

The new FAS2040 will be configured with a new DS4243, containing 24 x 1TB disks. These 1TB disks should be placed in the FAS2050 (four of those will be left on the shelf as spares).

On NOW is can find different SAS disks and I can’t find the answer if the change of disks will work.

The plan:

Buy a FAS2040, 12 x 1TB internal (will stay that way), including an extra DS4243 Shelf, containing 24 x 1TB SATA (part number unknown, can’t find any info on that). 20 of these disks should be placed in the FAS2050.

The 450GB SAS disks of the current FAS2050 (PN X289A) should be placed in the DS4243, which is empty after removing the 1TB disks.

NOW shows different part numbers of the 450GB SAS disks (X289A and X411A) so I want to get sure is our plan will work.

Main question: is there a difference in disks for the FAS2XXX series and the DS4243?





Unfortunately, internal FAS2000 disks and DS4243 disks cannot be swapped between the different chassis.

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Unfortunately, internal FAS2000 disks and DS4243 disks cannot be swapped between the different chassis.


The disks are not compatible.  Sorry.


Ok, thanks for the quick reply. Is there any info available on the part numbers which are compatible with the DS4243? Should use my creativity right now to make sure we get the most cost efficient solution, while using as much as products which are bought already with a minimum investment on new products.

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I personally like this page to find out disk part numbers:




Parts Finder in NOW is your most authoritative source for part #'s (for disks and everything else) -- linked off the main NOW page.


You can narrow the searches down enough to make it not too painful.....for the 2050 this would be the results page for disk drives for instance (with pictures for some of the parts even).


For details on the DS4243, just search the Field Portal for DS4243 (presuming you're a partner.....the DS4243 Technical FAQ has the answer to this question actually).


Then, what is the plan to upgrade a FAS2000 to 3100 without migration or backup-restore of the data on internal disks?