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LACP Multimode Issue


We have a 3140 with two interfaces configured in a lacp multimode vif (e0b and e4a) e0b comes up as 1000 full but interface e4a only comes up as 100 half.  We can force 100 full but can never get to 1000 full as the filer does not have an option to hard code at that speed. We followed the vif survial guide on this site for the switch (Cisco 6500) config and the network team says everything is good on the switch side. Does anyone have any suggestions or seen this issue before?



If you swap cables with e4a and e0b, do the port speeds follow the cable?  Switch cables from the controller side... The only to set copper Gbe to 1000 is to set it to auto, but it gets the setting from the switch or direct host connection.


When we swap cables it comes up as 1000 full but when we go back to the port on the pci card it drops down to 100 half. To me it sounds like the port is set correctly on the switch since it comes up correctly when we move the cable to the onboard interface.


If you disable the LACP vif, does the port come up as a standalone interface as Gbe?  I would also try multi (not as good as lacp but static etherchannel) or single mode to see if it is a switch config... What switch model?  It is odd that the port comes up 1000 onboard then 100 on the PCI card...a good reason to open a support case.


Did you solve this problem?

WE have a simular problem end do not have a clue what is happening.

Regards Frans Bijma