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Large volume named "shares" eats up available disk-space


Dear all,

I am facing a problem with a volume named "shares" on my Netapp (FAS-2240-4). When looking at the volume i assume that this is a default-one since i didn't create it.

The overall capacity of my Netapp is ~44TB and "shares" currently consumes 27TB. The consumption is increasing

My problem is that this volume is, at least from my perspective, not actively in use by any of my backup-procedures/iSCSI-LUNs. Everything is configured to use other volumes. By the help of Oncommand i've created numerous volumes / LUNS. So basically I know how it works.

Is "shares" a default volume needed by the Netapp-OS?

Can I delete the volume?

Why is storage-Efficiency turned off, can I enable it?

Many questions from a Netapp Newbie

Any help is highly appreciated

Kind regards



The only "default" volume when you get a new FAS is the root volume (vol0).  So... someone or some software created that volume and it's in use, since utilization is growing.  Check to see if it's shared out (CIFS) or exported (NFS).  Check if it contains any luns, snapshots, etc.


vol0 is the only default volume come with NetApp Filer. Check if there is any cifs shares or nfs export related to this volume. Moreover, list out all the LUN and check whether any LUN is located in this volume. Check out snapmirror and snapvault as well. From command line, you can use ls command to list out the contents of this volume. You need to changed to advanced mode in order to use ls command.