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Looking for a comparative betwwen FAS6040, FAS3160 and FAS3170


Hi everybody

Not wanting to reinvent the wheel,

a customer here is asking for one comparative (not only in figures, I mean, not only in HW components memory-cache, FonrtEnd ports, Disks expansion, Slots expansion, and so on), but in any perfomance metrics that somebody has already measured: IOps, MBps, Exchange mailboxes, ...

I am searching for some numbers to differentiate one FAS6040(A) among FAS3160(A) and FAS3170(A) supposing  all the cabins would have same number of disks drives in the trays backend




So.....I'd go to the Hardware Universe PDF and then to the (NDA) performance stuff available for each model under the partner site (presuming the customer in question is under NDA of course).


Thanks Andrew

This is what I had to do at last because I found nothing.

The point is that HWuniverse are numbers and numbers and no more in order to see or reflect some kind of comparison.

And the perfomance docs that I have (all restricted/confidentail) do not exactly compare same enviroments.

I will investigate a bit deeper



Agreed that it is a bit difficult....I usually go off the Random Read, Random Write, Sequential Read, Sequential Write tests as those work well for comparison across platforms (so far I've been able to generate satisfactory performance numbers using those as needed).


You should also consider the version of DataOntap. takes full advantage of the 31xx series hardware and can give a very significant performance boost:  our 3140 went from 60% cpu utilization on 7.2.5 to about 20% on 7.3.1P3.


Actually, just to be picky, right now I'd do


Or just wait a couple weeks for the (at long last) GD 7.3.2 release.