ONTAP Hardware

Maximum distance between filer/controller and shelf


I am sorry for this simple question, but I just cannot find the answer. I suppose there is nothing special between a shelf and controller connection, so normal distance/speed/cable limitations apply, but just to be sure: are there any caveats when placing shelves a good distance from the controllers (for instance 100m @ 2 Gb)?



NetApp TR3548 for MetroCluster shows cabling limits.  The limit for a stretch metrocluster can be extrapolated for a controller to the first shelf, but I would open a ticket to confirm support won't have an issue with this.

TR3548 Lists Optical Distances: 270m at 4GB and 500M at 2GB with OM3 (50/125UM) Fiber.  This is not shelf to shelf only the optical from fas to the first shelf.

The new DS4243 shelves are all copper cables with a max distance of 5m.  I haven't seen an update on metrocluster support for these shelves yet but would be interested in the road map or support planned and if it will use optical transceivers.