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May I login via SSH to BMC in FAS2020?


We've a FAS2020 used for years.

But now a question arise - is it possible to login to bmc via ssh?

bmc status tells me next:

Baseboard Management Controller:
Firmware Version: 1.3
IPMI version: 2.0
DHCP: off
BMC MAC address: 00:a0:98:25:62:1a
IP address:
IP mask:
Gateway IP address:
BMC ARP interval: 10 seconds
BMC has (1) user: naroot

When I want to login via ssh i got:

ssh naroot@
Received disconnect from 11: Logged out.
Disconnected from




Yes to ssh.  bmc reboot and it likely will work.  Or bmc setup and reset it again.


I've found that the deal is in ssh cllient.

Tries to login from Mac or Linux still without luck, but login from PuTTY (winapp) - is ok!

Suppose this is kind of incompatibility between ssh-keys or setup of ssh daemon "Mocana" in bmc.

$ telnet 22
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
SSH-2.0-Mocana SSH

Will try to discover more...


From a MAC try:

ssh naroot@##.##.##.## -c aes128-cbc

You have to change the MAC client default cipher to work with a BMC