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Migrate existing NetApp file server data to new storage FAS 2240


Hi All,

we are planning for our client to migrate their existing Netapp file server data to new storage FAS2240 migration, Can anyone help me what the information to be collect from the client & what are the pre-requisites to complete this migration? Your inputs are highly valuable.






First collect which services are provided by the previous storage system :





If you have VMware datastores, the easiest is always to create new datastores on the new storage system and perform Storage vMotion.

For the other services, the usual way is to perform snapmirror from the old system to the new one.

When the mirror is complete, stop temporally access to resources, perform a last snapmirror update, and then remove access to old resources and provide access to new resources.

- for CIFS, create the same shares on the new system

- for SAN, recreate the igroups and the lun mapping

- for NFS, recreate the same exports

Please let me know if you need further information.




Hi Jean Christophe,

Thanks for the information, following are requirement from the client perspective, according to that we need to start the activity.

BTW -   Customer wanted to go with complete NAS setup they didn't use FC anymore.

New FAS 2240 - NetApp Release 8.1.3 7-Mode ( Dual Controller)

Deploy NetApp for CIFS

  • Migrate existing NetApp file server data to new storage
  • Configure snapshot for CIFS
  • Configure NDMP to write backup from NetApp to tape library
  • Configure Symantec Backup EXEC to take incremental backup and full back up to tape library
  • CIFS with work group

Please advice according to above requirement. Thanks in advance.

Regards- HM



For migrating CIFS, you will have to check that they want to migrate 1 to 1.

If so, you can just initiate a snapmirror of the volumes between the old filer and the new one.

You can than recreate all shares on the new system, check if they use quotas, and migrate them.

Are they ready to use a new name for the file server ? Do they use DFS for naming ?

If you do the migration in one shot, you could change the filer name or add an alias to the new one.

If not, they will have to update the way they connect to the shares (DFS, scripts, etc...)

For the migration, when they are ready, remove the share on the source system, perform a last snapmirror update, and then break the mirror. The volume on the destination will be ready for R/W.

Place the old volume offline when it's done, so people can't access it in any way, but you can still access it in the coming days if something occurs.

Regarding the snapshots, it is easily done in System Manager.

For NDMP, I don't have experience on Backup Exec, so, you'll have to go through the documentation.