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Migration from FAS020 to HDS AMS2300



We have neatpp filer FAS3020 with 30TB of the data we want to migrate this hitachi AMS2300, new storage is in diffrent location, distance between 2 sites 150KM and WAN link is 200MBs

What is the best way to migrate the data between these two storages.



On the source system, use the smtape backup command to copy all volume Snapshot copies,

including the base Snapshot copy, to tape, and use the smtape continue command to continue

the copy if more than one backup tape is necessary.

2. Physically transport the backup tapes from the source system to the destination system.

3. On the destination system, use the vol create and vol restrict commands to set up a

SnapMirror target volume.

4. Use the smtape restore command to copy the initial SnapMirror tape to the destination

system and, if necessary, use the smtape continue command to continue the copy if it is stored

on more than one backup tape.

5. Either use the snapmirror update command to manually mirror an incremental update from

the source to the destination system over the low-bandwidth connection, or edit the

snapmirror.conf file to set up an incremental update schedule from the source to destination


6. After completing manual or scheduled incremental update over a connection, you can use the

snapmirror release command to eliminate the source-to-tape relationship and associated

Snapshot copy.


Senthil Baskaran