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Moving CIFS Volume Share Data 7-Mode to Cluster Ontap 9


Im rather new to Netapp, is there a way (Other than ROBOCOPY) to move data from a FAS3240 OnTap 8.2.4P4 7-MODE to a new  Netapp FAS2720 running Ontap 9.4? We dont really need to keep much other than the permissions to the folders.   



7MTT is the best tool.



In general: The 7-Mode Transition Tool enables you to assess 7-Mode controllers, hosts, and applications for transition and perform copy-based transitions of FlexVol volumes and configurations from Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode to new hardware that is running clustered Data ONTAP up to 9.5 I believe (so you should be ok) with minimum client disruption and retention of storage efficiency options.


For CIFS: It preserves share & NTFS ACLs.




There is plenty of documentation around 7MTT on google & NetApp KB.




Thanks for this information. I wasn't sure if the tool was overkill but we have some large volumes so maybe this is the best route. I couldnt seem to find the tool until you posted the link to it. 


Well nice, we have ONTAP 9.6P3.


The 7-Mode Transition Tool 3.3.1 Installation and Setup Guide and Copy-Based Transition Guide
state that transitions to ONTAP 9.6 and later are not supported. This restriction has been removed for
the copy-based transition method. However, the target ONTAP cluster must be running 9.6P7 or later,
9.7P2 or later, or ONTAP 9.5 or earlier.


Another option might be XCP.


I would advise if it is a large volume to consider a FlexGroup.


I think we would just update ontap to 9.6P7. Can the tool just copy the files? Because they set up the new environment already not like the old one. So anything other than just the files themselves is not needed...........


Absolutely go to 9.6P7 is GA release (Also contains loads of fixes), so no harm in getting up there. I haven't tested 7MTT tool with 9.6P7, but manual TDP snapmirror will work fine. You can SnapMirror flexvols (files/luns etc), this is what 7MTT also does underneath but it also takes cares lot of other stuff which normally requires manual intervention.


With CIFS, SnapMirror works charm, it will do complete file-system copy, which means all your NTFS level permissions (ACLs) will remain intact. All you will need to do is simply : Re-create the shares and add the share-level groups/permissions, at least something is better. Yes, it does files (NAS Protocol: CIFS/NFS).




+1 on XCP as a copy-based option. It's very fast.

See: https://xcp.netapp.com/