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NT 4.0 Security to Windows 2000 Native Mode Security


I am upgrading from Windows 2000 mixed mode to Windows Native mode before I do the forest prep for Windows 2008.  When I do this the Netapp FAS 270 we have installed with NTLM security from 10 years ago will no longer be able to connect to the domain since NT 4.0 support will no longer be available.  If I configure the FAS 270 to use CIFS and setup my LDAP servers when I turn off NTLM will I have to reset all the security on all the folders again or will it recognize the change and keep on trucking?




When you ran CIFS setup the first time did you select option 1 (AD) or option 2 (NT)? If 2, then you will be required to:

CIFS terminate

CIFS setup (select option 1 this time) and it will find a computer account. Re-use it.

If you selected option 1 during CIFS setup, then no changes are required and it will work.

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CIFS is not enabled at this time.  I plan on enabling it so that I can use LDAP.