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NetApp FAS 8000 Series Resilience Under Rough Conditions


Our customer wants to know how much vibration can our NetApps take, and how sensitive they are to exposure to abnormal levels of shaking.  There is going to be blasting nearby, and construction for a new building is commencing next to our building.  They have to blow through layers of bedrock, and our customer is worried that the abnormal vibrations will cause disk failures.  Are there any specs anywhere that lay out what G forces can be comfortably handled by a generically racked FAS 8000 cluster(ie. no vibration isolators under the rack)?



Hi there,


We do vibration testing as part of our product engineering for both controllers and drives, but we don't specify or measure vibration at customer sites. 


I know we have our systems installed on ships and mine sites, and they're fine. 


For my data - I'd drop the few thousand for some new racks.