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NetApp mailbox disk


Hi All,

What is mail-box disk in netapp? what is the use of it? where it resides? Is this available in single node FAS system? how much space used for mail-box?



So called "mailbox disk" it's a old (now using as a spare) method for clustering interconnection and communication between two cluster "heads".

"Mailbox disk" it's a special area at a two of disk (by default one data and one parity, or one parity and one dparity disks), and usually resides at a first aggregate.

It's consume a very small amount of space (around KB or two)

Actuallly, it's just a flag area, one "head" can raise the flag - "I'm alive! Everything is OK!" for another one, partner "head", and vice-versa. It looks like e-mailing between heads, it's a reason why they calling it "mailbox".

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