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Netapp FAS 2552 switch from UTA2 to FC/FCoE


Hey currently we have a running netapp FAS 25xx configured as switchless cluster connected to Juniper switch EX3300. We need to migrate the connection from UTA2 to FC as we implemented a new juniper switch EX3400.

Appreciate if anyone can tell me how to proceed with the update from UTA2 to FC (Aggregat, SVM, LIF... are all configured on UTA2). Is their any documents on how to do it? steps to be done?





I see that you mentioned FAS2520 (Does not support FC), are you trying to change it on this platform ?


  • FAS2520 on-board ports are only 10GbE that can autorange to 1GbE.
  • FAS2554 and FAS2552 on-board UTA2 ports can be configured as either a 8Gb/16Gb FC port pair or a 10GbE port pair and mixed combinations.


Installation diagram:



Even under https://hwu.netapp.com/, it does not show UTA2 or FC ports.


Could you confirm your platform ?


Sorry the appliance is FAS 2552


Thanks for the update. Both FAS2554 and FAS2552 supports FC.


Anyway, for changing the mode, following document has all the steps:


Changing the UTA2 port from CNA mode to FC mode:


Please note: Changing mode requires node reboot, so you must plan accordingly [either reboot or failover/giveback to avoid disruptions].




As I understood from the documents the below points should be covered, am I correct?

  1. Take the adapter offline
  2. Change the port mode
  3. Reboot the node and then bring the adapter online
  4. Move LIF to another port
  5. Remove port from interface group
  6. Delete port VLAN
  7. Add port to interface group
  8. Create port VLAN
  9. Revert LIF to home port


Yes...that's right.


1) Take the adapter offline
2) Change the port mode
3) Reboot the node and then bring the adapter online

Up to step 3 is perfect.


Whole point of moving LIF is to able to delete the VLANs and IFGRP which will no longer apply to FC. Therefore, in the step 4, Document suggests that if there was any LIF which homed to this VLAN/IFGRP/Port, for example : If there was a VLAN which had a Node-Management-LIF hosted on it (As it was running in a CNA mode), then obviously you will lose connectivity to the Node.


Therefore, it suggest that you craete another ifgrp/vlan/lif and host it on another port so that you don't lose connectivity to the Node. If there are no LIFs that needs to be moved to another Ethernet LIF, then all you need to do is just clean-up:


Remove LIF/Move LIF
Delete VLAN
Delete IFGRP


I'm sorry for asking too many questions as it's the first time i work on a migration for netapp. The current netapp holds LIF, VLANs, IFGRP... so the appliance will be migrated to FC on all ports, their will be a downtime in order to perform it and we will do it for all 4 ports (2 ports on each controller). What i understood that once done we can't create VLAN and IFGRP for the new FC ports, correct?


Please feel free to ask queries, don't hesitate. It's a forum, so anyone can reply to you. It's cool.


As you are changing the mode from CNA to native Fibre Channel (FC) mode. 'ifgrp' and failover-groups will no longer apply. Rather, You will be using WWPN of the LIFs for zoning purposes with the switches, and ALUA will take care of the automatic path selection (LIFs don't move in SAN) . Hence, you will need to plan accordingly. You mentioned that all ports will be in FC mode, that means all 8 ports in HA Pair.


Native FC Mode:
0c,0d,0e,0f = Node A
0c,0d,0e,0f = Node B


For Fibre Channel paths to storage controllers, make sure the FC switches are zoned using the WWPNs of the target logical interfaces (LIFs), not the WWPNs of the physical ports on the node.

Some pointers:
SAN Administration Guide


The FAS2520 doesn't support FC or FCoE.   For block storage you'll need to use iSCSI.