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Netapp FAS960 setup help


I have a FAS960 filer and 3 DS14 MK2 drive shelves that I would like to get up and running, but so far I am having some trouble connecting to the unit in order to configure it.  I don't have any of the original drives, but have ordered 4 X276A-R5 (300GB, 10k RPM FC) drives so that I can set up a RAID once I can get the filer configured.  I also have a serial to USB cable and PuTTY, but so far I haven't been able to establish a connection to the filer through the serial to USB cable.  I don't know much about PuTTY or Telnet, but my brother does know a little bit and is helping me here and there.  As I understand it, PuTTY should give me a command prompt once I am able to connect, and I haven't gotten that yet.  I also have a serial cable with a serial to RJ45 adapter that came with the unit, so if I need to use that in place of the serial to USB cable, that's easy enough to do.  The settings we have been using in PuTTY are as follows:

     Com3 (which is what the serial to USB cable shows as in Device Manager)

     Speed (baud) 9600

     Data bits 8

     Stop bits 1

     Parity None

     Flow control None

Based on what is displayed on the LCD screen as it boots, I'm guessing that it is booting normally, at least to a point.  Below is the text that is displayed as it boots (a couple spots might be slightly inaccurate, as a few things flash across the screen fairly quickly):

     Testing CPU

     Testing clock

     Testing pc-card

     Checking sensors

     Probing devices at /pci4/pci@7/pci6/fcal@3

     Set boot alias

     Testing 512MB

        2 to 64MB (tests up to 512MB in 64MB increments)



There are also 3 LED's that will come on either blinking or solid periodically as it is booting, but I haven't paid a lot of attention to them so far.  It will also display "Entering firmware..." if I push the small button on the front (originally thought it was a hard reset button) when "Starting" is displayed, but it will not proceed from "Entering firmware..." even after several hours of waiting.  I don't believe it proceeds from "Starting" either, but I haven't let it sit for an extended time to be sure that it doesn't proceed after a half hour or something like that.

If anyone has any tips or advice on how to connect to the filer and do initial configuration, I would greatly appreciate it.  As far as info about the filer, I know what the MAC address is, and I know what the machine name could be (not guaranteed though), and I can assign it a specific IP address through DHCP, but I'm guessing that it is intended to use a static IP address as standard practice, and may not even have the option of using DHCP.  So in short, the first things I will likely need to configure are the machine name and the IP address.

Thanks in advance for the help.



See if you can hit ctrl-c while it is booting (after the memory) to break into the CFE/openboot and issue OK> set-defaults   Try booting either the primary or the backup image  -- boot_primary or boot_backup or similar IF these do not boot and give you the option of hitting ctrl-c again to boot into maint mode. You may have a bad CF card that would need to be taken out and put into a cfe card reader to be reformatted. At that point you'd need to manually setup the card with netboot (I forget if this works or not with FAS960s), if not you need to manually extract it from the image in the card reader. This is all very complicated without a support contract (getting access to any documentation), and I am quite sure they don't offer contracts on such old equipment.

If you are lucky you can boot off of either the primary or the backup from the OK prompt and get into maintenance mode.

Check this out for more information:


I read this link further, its you asking the same question 4 days earlier