ONTAP Hardware

Number of hot spares needed per head


Hey guys, newbie here so I'm likely not going to ask the right question or provide enough information.  But we've got a NetApp setup with 2 controllers and thus 2 heads.  We recently added a new shelf with a different type of disks than what is currently on the system.  My question is if we add all of the new disks to a single controller/head do we still need 2 hot spares on each head for that disk type, or should it be sufficient to have just two spares on the head that those disks are added to?



If you are using all of the disks on one head, assign the spares to that head. No need to assign another set of two spares to the partner.


If you are giving ownership of all disks to one head then its fine to have spares assigned to that head alone. And if you are distributing them to both the heads equally you need assign spares each separately.