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PANIC: raid: there are no data or parity disks in SK process rc on release 8.2P6


Hi All,


i hope really somebody can help me.

I'm really new in Netapp and hope that someone will/can help me.

I have an FAS2240-2

He boot but then i have PANIC: raid: there are no data or parity disks in SK process rc on release 8.2P6 

And then i receive Loader A prompt.

I googled ofcourse and they told me to use option 4a but on my version there is no 4a only 4

After hours he cleaned up the disks but i think there is something with the disk label and i must crate mroot partion or something.

But what i do i comes always back with the same error.

Can someone help me please with this

i must create an root partition i think but dont know how to do and select disks to use.


Here is an print screen of the error


thank you


Starting AUTOBOOT press Ctrl-C to abort...
Loading X86_64/freebsd/image2/kernel:0x100000/9522280 0xa14c68/3138352 Entry at 0x8016d930
Loading X86_64/freebsd/image2/platform.ko:0xd13000/683920 0xe7f998/630720 0xdb9fa0/41224 0xf19958/44064 0xdc40a8/92946 0xddabba/69132 0xdeb9e0/146624 0xf24578/171072 0xe0f6a0/16 0xe0f6b0/2136 0xf4e1b8/6408 0xe0ff80/0 0xe0ff80/320 0xf4fac0/960 0xe100c0/1744 0xf4fe80/5232 0xe10790/1528 0xf512f0/4584 0xe10d88/184 0xf524d8/552 0xe10e40/448 0xe48560/13562 0xe7f896/253 0xe4ba60/122688 0xe699a0/89846
Starting program at 0x8016d930
NetApp Data ONTAP 8.2P6 Cluster-Mode
Could not get list of management ports for this platform!
Root mount waiting for: usbus0
Root mount waiting for: usbus0
Root mount waiting for: usbus0
Root mount waiting for: usbus0
Copyright (C) 1992-2014 NetApp.
All rights reserved.
Checking boot device filesystem
** /dev/da0s1
** Phase 1 - Read and Compare FATs
** Phase 2 - Check Cluster Chains
** Phase 3 - Checking Directories
** Phase 4 - Checking for Lost Files
62 files, 1387776 free (43368 clusters)
Retry #1 of 5: /sbin/fsck_msdosfs /dev/da0s1
Retry #2 of 5: /sbin/fsck_msdosfs /dev/da0s1
Repaired boot device filesystem
md1.uzip: 39168 x 16384 blocks
md2.uzip: 7360 x 16384 blocks
*                             *
* Press Ctrl-C for Boot Menu. *
*                             *
Mar 30 15:01:15 [localhost:netif.linkDown:info]: Ethernet Wrench Port: Link down, check cable.
Mar 30 15:01:18 [localhost:diskown.isEnabled:info]: software ownership has been enabled for this system
route add: bad address: gw equal to destination
WAFL CPLEDGER is enabled. Checklist = 0x7ff841ff
Mar 30 15:01:18 [localhost:kern.cli.cmd:debug]: Command line input: the command is 'ifconfig'. The full command line is 'ifconfig lo'.
add host gateway
Mar 30 15:01:18 [localhost:kern.cli.cmd:debug]: Command line input: the command is 'ifconfig_priv'. The full command line is 'ifconfig_priv losk'.
Mar 30 15:01:18 [localhost:kern.cli.cmd:debug]: Command line input: the command is 'route'. The full command line is 'route add host 0'.
PANIC  : raid: there are no data or parity disks
version: 8.2P6: Fri Jan 17 22:23:50 PST 2014
conf   : x86_64
cpuid = 0
Uptime: 56s

PANIC: raid: there are no data or parity disks in SK process rc on release 8.2P6 (C) on Sat Mar 30 15:01:19 GMT 2019

version: 8.2P6: Fri Jan 17 22:23:50 PST 2014
compile flags: x86_64
Writing panic info to HA mailbox disks.
HA: current time (in sk_msecs) 17569 (in sk_cycles) 347754660621
kernel trap 22 with interrupts disabled
Dumping to disks: 0a.00.18
DUMPCORE: END -- coredump written.
Logging shutdown event to the SP...
System halting...
cpu_reset called on cpu#0

Phoenix SecureCore(tm) Server
Copyright 1985-2008 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
All Rights Reserved
BIOS version: 8.2.0
Portions Copyright (c) 2008-2013 NetApp, Inc. All Rights Reserved

CPU = 1 Processors Detected, Cores per Processor = 2
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           C3528  @ 1.73GHz
Testing RAM
512MB RAM tested
6144MB RAM installed
256 KB L2 Cache per Processor Core
4096K L3 Cache Detected
System BIOS shadowed
BIOS is scanning PCI Option ROMs, this may take a few seconds...

Boot Loader version 4.2
Copyright (C) 2000-2003 Broadcom Corporation.
Portions Copyright (C) 2002-2013 NetApp

CPU Type: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           C3528  @ 1.73GHz


@GuyV  following up to see if you are still looking for help.

View solution in original post



So just to confirm,  you're trying to configure this as a new Cluster system?   





thank for responding.


yes i will install this as an complete new cluster system.


thank you



Hello, It's seem like you have a disk problem ...

Could you boot again and @ the CTRL+C menu request quick press CTRL + C

And after choose Mainteance boot and after try a

disk show 

sysconfig -r

aggr status





i did what you  ask and this is what i get

thanks for helping


*> disk show
Local System ID: 1918101257

  DISK       OWNER                    POOL   SERIAL NUMBER         HOME                    DR HOME
------------ -------------            -----  -------------         -------------           -------------
0a.00.23               (1918101257)    Pool0  S142NEADA04794                  (1918101257)
0a.00.22               (1918101257)    Pool0  S142NEADA04788                  (1918101257)
0a.00.18               (1918101257)    Pool0  KVHVE3AR                        (1918101257)
0a.00.11               (1918101257)    Pool0  KVHWBPZR                        (1918101257)
*> sysconfig -r
usage: sysconfig -v [ <slot> ]
*> aggr status
Mar 31 18:25:11 [localhost:fmmb.instStat.change:info]: no mailbox instance on local side.
Disk label processing failed!
Mar 31 18:25:11 [localhost:raid.mirror.vote.versionZero:debug]: raid: mirror info empty

Mar 31 18:25:11 [localhost:raid.mirror.vote.versionZero:debug]: raid: mirror info empty
unable to run aggr command
Mar 31 18:25:11 [localhost:coredump.host.spare.save:info]: Disk 0a.00.18 was identified as the sparecore disk at boot/takeover time for host 0.
No root aggregate or root traditional volume found.
Mar 31 18:25:11 [localhost:raid.assim.tree.noRootVol:error]: No usable root volume was found!
You must specify a root aggregate or traditional volume with
"aggr options <name> root" before rebooting the system.



I would do something like this. 


1. Boot in to Maint mode (opt 5) and delete everything, existing volumes, aggrs, disk ownership. 


2. If you can, I would first upgrade it up to at least 8.3 (if not 9.1Px) before you do the opt 4,  you will get to use ADP.  You can do this via Boot Menu Opt 7, Note: you will need a basic network setup on e0M to get the image. 


4. Run option 4. 



note: is this the kb you're talking about? 


I don't believe this applies to your config. 






thanks for your reaction


 i already delete everything and use option 4.

But then i dont find any partions anymore (or disks), or labels


and the spoke about option 4a, i dont have that option and its an version higer then version 7





Wath is your actual Ontap version ?

In some version the boot menu 4a option, atr not avaible, dont be afraid about this 

So, depend of your actual version, wath do you want to do ?

- Install from scratch ?

- Lost evrething ?

- Do you Want ADP ?

- How many disk and controler have you ?




The ontap version is 8.2P6

I have two controllers in it and 22 * 900 GB disks and 2* 200 gb ssd disks

i will install from scratch and its not an problem to lost everything

And i will to use adp





per the output in the OP he's on: NetApp Data ONTAP 8.2P6 Cluster-Mode  


If you want ADP, you will NEED to reinitilize on 8.3 or higher.   


Guy, give this link a read over. 





The best way for you is to install, the two controler with an dummy conf 

Jsut to made an upgrade in 8.3 

After you can back to the loager and broke all to install ADP 

It's Ok for you ?

@GuyV  following up to see if you are still looking for help.