ONTAP Hardware

Performance Issue in V-series (v3170)


Hi All,

In 7.0.5 (FAS 940), we use to take backup of nightly.0 snapshot LUN in one of the Volume. Basically, we mount the nightly.0 snapshot as a LUN via snapdrive onto our backup server (networker 7.3.3). The tape backup used to take 5-6 hrs to complete.

Last weekend, we had done the Head swap of FAS 940 to v3170 and after head swap, everything seems OK.

The v3170 are in Active-2 configuration. Also, we have upgraded the Data Ontap from 7.0.5 to 7.3.1.

After the Head swap, the above backup is taking more than 13 hrs to complete which is affecting our backup schedule. I don't what went wrong as the configuration remains the same.

I am attaching the perfstat of the same. Pls suggest or call me at +91-9873701653.



This is a major OnTap upgrade, and as such there is a background task where the filer re-writes some of the WAFL data and re-lays out some of the filesystem data. This process can take awhile, depending on how much data you have.

Can you check the system performance at idle?