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Powering down FAS3170



I would like to know the process to power down a FAS3170. We have three that are being decommissioned.

Thus far, all LUNs, volumes, initiator groups and aggregates have been deleted.

What is the next step?

Can I just switch off the power button?

PS: I am not a hardware engineer

Your help will be most appreciated.



You want to DOD wipe the drives with disk sanitization if you are sending them off to asset disposal.

install the disk sanitization license and then run this command

disk sanitize start -c 7 (enter disk list here)

the number 7 is the number of passes..

After You Finish

You can monitor the status of the sanitization process by using the /etc/sanitized_disks and /etc/sanitization.log files:

  • Status for the sanitization process is written to the /etc/sanitization.log file every 15 minutes.
  • The /etc/sanitized_disks file contains the serial numbers of all drives that have been successfully sanitized. For every invocation of the disk sanitize start command, the serial numbers of the newly sanitized disks are appended to the file.

This process could take a week or more depending on number of passes. Do not turn off the system while you are doing this.  

once you sanitize, you will never get the data back ever, so make sure you do this on the right disks.


Good idea to sanitize the disks as mentioned in the other post to ensure no one that gains physical access to the disks can reconstruct the data.  Once that is done, the proper way to shutdown the system is to connect to the command line and type:

priv set advanced

halt -c factory   (this sets the system back to factory settings before shutting down the operating system)

Then power off the storage controller and then the disk shelves.