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Question about volume limitation of 500



i been reading in the forums and i see there is a limitation of 500 volumes pr node in 7mode.

im upgrading to cluster mode but the problem is that we have more then 500 volumes in total on that HA pair.

so my question is  what if i offline volumes on 1 node before takeover

will the machine still react to the 500 volume limitations? or will it not count them but have them offline on the node that has the takeover?


Jon Einarson


Jon -

You didn't mention the controller type so I will advise generally. The definitive answer is to look up your controller type and the Clustered DoT release you are targeting in the NetApp Hardware Universe, which will have all the current specifications and capabilities. The node will list the volume count supported as a single node, say 500 as an example. In an HA pair within the cluster the limit is thus 1000 volumes for the pair, technically in any combination. The per node limit is given with the assumption that either node can take the entire volume load of the two nodes together.

It is also important to check the HWU because newer DoT releases are increasing the volume list just because of software efficiencies even on the same controller hardware. Most of these affect larger controllers -- older and smaller controllers typically retain the same historical limits.

Hope this helps.

Bob Greenwald
NCIE-SAN, Clustered Data OnTap