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Re-IPing node management and cluster address




Thanks to the shortsightedness and general stupidity of our network team I need to completely change the IPs for everything on a Cluster mode FAS2554 at a remote site.


For node and cluster management IPs this seems to quite a challenge.


When I installed it a few months ago it had node management IP's of & 30 with a cluster management of .31. SP ports are in the same subnet and were working. Following the replacement of network switches and a re-IP, they need to be 172.16.103.x. 


Because of the radical subnet change I don’t think it’s simply a series of “network modify” commands. I believe it’s going to involve creating a new broadcast domain and deleting the eM0 ports from the existing one.


Does anyone know if there’s detailed step by step guide to doing this sort of task, or has anyone done this before?


The SVMs also need to be re-IP’d but I think that will be simpler, just a case of removing a port at a time from it and adding it back with a new IP.






That seems to be a complicated setup Smiley Surprised 


Are you still able to access the cluster through the 192 series address?

Since you mentioned "remote" site, I am assuming the you dont have direct console access.

I think you can do this only if you have uninterrupted access to CLI, which is only possible via Console or SP.

Is this in production right now?

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After a lot of faffing and blind alleys, I have found the solution with help from NetApp.


Simply create another bunch of lifs for node and cluster management on the same physical ports with the new IPs etc.


That will work.  You can add the new subnet to the old broadcast domain, along with the default gateway for the new subnet, and optionally a pool of IPs.  Build all new lifs, decomission the old lifs, and clean up things like dns and ntp if needed.



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