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Rebuilding Aggr0 and Vol0



I did something incredibly stupid the other day, as soon as I did I knew it was too late! I have a FAS2220 that had 24 disks split 12 and 12, dual controller.  I also had a empty shelf, I installed an additional 12 disks for more storage and decided to also split these so I would have 18 and 18.  I installed the drives upgraded the firmware and then assigned the disks to each controller.  I then went to the AGGR0 on both controllers and assigned the disks.  I looked at the storage size and noticed it wasn't what I had expected I went back in to look at the AGGR0 and noticed my Raid group size was 14.  So now I have a raid group with 14 disks and a raid group with 3 disks (1 spare, RAID DP).  Not only is this incredibly wasteful but now I fear that I may have performance issues with this small Raid group as it really only has 1 usable disk. 

My plan was to just VM Motion my VMs to my secondary controller delete the AGGR0 and rebuild it.  However I wasn't thinking about Vol0 which from my understanding contains all of the configuration.  I don't see any way to export the configuration and everything I am seeing online suggest moving the Vol0 to another Aggr which I also do not have since all of my disks are attached to this aggr0, unless I can move it to the secondary controller while I make the change?

So my question is given my problem, what is the easiest way to fix this.  I will have to unfortunately do this for both controllers as I was an idiot and moved both sets of disks before I realized what I had done.  I was planing on doing 1 at a time so I can at least keep my environment online during the changes.  I also do have a third seperate single controller however there is not enough storage on that device to hold all of my volumes.  I planned on using that to hold some of my storage though during this change.

Thanks in advance,




Hi Greg,

how about

  • evacuating one controller
  • ndmpcopy'ing the /etc directory off to the partner or the third controller,
  • rebuilding the aggregate
    • boot options 4... (might take a while)
  • Setting the correct RGSize and add remaining disks
  • moving (ndmpcopy'ing) the old /etc back to an empty volume in the new aggregate, let's say 'volroot'
  • vol options volroot root
  • recreate the other volume(s) for your datastore(s)
  • reboot

and do the same with the other controller.

The only space you'll need is room for the content of /etc (and all subdirectories...)

You will loose your old snapshots, though!

Hope that helps...

Good Luck