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Relocating a FAS2240


We need to relocate a FAS2240 to a new facility in another state.  We hope to ship it out and have local support at the other site rack it up and plug in network cables and that is about it for their part of the process. The FAS has no HA configuration and in fact was recently wiped of its config. After the wipe e0M and the SP were setup with networkable IP addresses.  We have access to the switches at the other site so we can configure those also once the network cable(s) are plugged in.  I know this seems pretty straight forward, but having never actually done a process like this we are afraid of the "little things" that would impede gaining remote access to the FAS.  We will setup up the volumes, SVM, enter licences, and such remotely.


So, I am looking for input from those of you that may have been down this road before and have that list of "I wish I had did this before we shipped it" list.


Thanks in advance for you input.


Kind regards to all.

Happy Holidays.






Hope this KB article helps https://kb.netapp.com/support/s/article/what-are-the-best-practices-for-physical-relocation-of-filers?



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