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Remotly shuting down FAS 2020 via script.



My question is to

How to shutdown FAS 2020 (no external shelfs) remotly via script.

I nead to disable active/active configuration

shut down filer 1

shut down filer 2

I figured It would start like this

#login to filer 1 with root account

cf disable

halt -t 3 -f # shuting down filer 1 with 3 minut delay

#login to filer 2 with root account

halt - 4  -f #shuting down filer 1 with 4 minut delay

But how do I execute thic script on filer

via telnet or something.

Please help me out with this

Best regards



You can use rsh (not secure) or ssh (more secure). By the way, if you use halt with the "-f" option, you do not need to disable cluster. That way, cf will get enabled automatically again after a reboot.

For rsh, you will need to setup a host that may access the filer:

options rsh.enable on

options rsh.access host=<ip-addres or hostname from which you run the script>

Then in the script, you can run the commands like this:

rsh filer1 -l root halt -t 3 -f

rsh filer2 -l root halt -t 4 -f

For SSH, setup is a bit more difficult, especially if you run the script from a windows host. A good example is in this KB article: https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=1011670


when using rsh what about providing password.

I would like using windows to run the script

It dosent have to be secure connection


With rsh you don't need to provide the password (that's why it is not secure - no password required and no encrypted network connection). Oh, and on Windows 2008/Vista and higher you don't have rsh anymore.