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Remove drives from aggr0 on FAS 2020


I have a FAS 2020 in a test bed environment and would like to remomve drives asso

ciated with aggr0. Currently aggr 0 is setup with 7 drives and I would like to put i

t back to the default of three drives. Can you tell me how to accomplish this.



Hi and welcome to the forums!

Tricky one - you can't actually remove drives from an aggregate. So to reduce the number of drives, you have to destroy an aggregate & then re-create it with fewer drives. The additional hurdle to jump over with aggr0 is it (quite likely) hosts root volume (vol0) & you have to migrate it to another aggregate before destroying aggr0 (https://now.netapp.com/Knowledgebase/solutionarea.asp?id=kb6360)




Correct, 1st you need to create a new Aggregate with 3 drives and then copy root volume vol0 to it. ( As highlighted in the KB article above).

If by any chance you don't have 3 Disks you can do the same with RAID-4 and later on out of the reclaimed Disks can convert it back to RAID-DP.

Or if this option also not available you can simply destroy the Aggregate and build from it from CF card image.