ONTAP Hardware

Replace FAS3240 MB with V3240 MB


One of our MetroCluster controllers just threw a "Panic string: Uncorrectable Machine Check Error at CPU2. MC5 Error: STATUS<0xb200000084200e0f>(Val,UnCor,Enable,PCC,ErrCode(Gen,NTO,Gen,Gen,Gen)); CARM,1_0.PLX PCI-E switch" and failed over. Research says we might need to replace the MB if this keeps happening. We have no support as of January and we need to keep this thing up for another month (maybe 2). If we have to, could we use a motherboard from a V3240 R5 to replace the FAS3240 R5 that might fail? Taking in to account the fact that all extra cards etc will move to the replacement board, firmware versions should already be the same. This is just us planning right now but it would be nice to know if a swap between a V and FAS board would be OK. Thanks for your time.



@OldSkewl  are you still looking for solution?


Not now ,,, we managed to get the data migrated to a new system before the old NetApp crashed again.