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Reset Username / PAssword for FAS270


Hi Guys,

I am new here and I just created my account days ago. I was ask to configure an FAS 270c and DS14-MK2 here at the office. I am also new to this technology, but I was able to have it up and running last week without error based on the LED's of the machine, both FAS270 and DS-14

My porblems is that, I am prompted by a username and password which the people here does not know about.

My question is, How can you or I reset the username/password combination of an ONTAP system.

Hope to hear from you on this matter.

Thanks very much in advance.

Jose Eliazar Bayaton



The only way I know how to change a root password is to reboot the filer.

You can just power cycle the filer since you can't login to type reboot.

Press Ctrl-C to display the boot menu when prompted to do so.

The storage system displays the

following boot menu:

1) Normal Boot

2) Boot without /etc/rc

3) Change Password

4) Initialize all disks

4a) Same as option 4, but create a

flexible root volume.

5) Maintenance mode boot

Selection (1-5)?

Choose 3 to change root password...

I would also set security options for

passwords like:

options security.passwd.rules.maximum 14

options security.passwd.rules.minimum.alphabetic 6

I hope this is helps


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the information.

I'll do it first thing tomorrow and will update you on the outcome.

All the best,


Hi Mark,

Thanks very much for your assistance on this one. I have reset the account already.

Though I hit option number "3" for the password change, I did got a series of "CFE>" prompt at first, for about 5 reboot or tries finally I was able to change it.

Thanks once again and more power to you guys.

All the best!


I am glad that it worked for you.

All the best.



 May i loss all data and my volume if i will decide to reset password?