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Reseting FAS2220 System config running SystemSetup.exe again?


Hi all,

I've run the systemsetup.exe and I've played a little with OnCommand System Manager.

What is the correct way to start over? Should I run again systemsetup.exe to make a good first configuration?

Thanks in advance



Hi Cruz, please read these options and decide.

1.) Delete the temporary aggr, volumes, and variables (for instance: Autosupport config, Date&Time config, CIFS domain, IP settings, ...) that you configured with OnCommand System Manager.

2.) Run the "setup" command (under physical CLI console session). To reconfigure Filer_name, VIF (ifgrp), IP. And later run the wizards according to your licences and environment (CIFS, NFS, LUN)

3.) The third option, MOST RADICAL, put in factory the equipment (backup your licences first), this action clean config, and FORMAT the disks, and DELETE your license (you must backup it first)

    Under physical CLI console session, reboot the equipment and Press CTRL+C when appear "Press Ctrl-C for Boot Menu", then Press option 4) Clean configuration and initialize all disk.

Best regards


Thanks Dulis,

I've tried the first method without success. In "Storage / Volumes" I was able to delete "exports" and "shares", but not "vol0". When I try to delete it, appears warning to put it first Offline, but the Status icon is disabled

Could be better better, expand this volume to maximum. My idea was to leave everything as at the beginning and re-run the SystemSetup with the default options. With a large pool for a iSCSI LUN, without NFS/CIFS.

I will try the second method😉

Kind Regards