ONTAP Hardware

SAS Cabling - from 3 stacks to 2 stacks




We have a sistem that is cabled as shown in the picture.

We will have a maintenance window for moving the system in a new rack and we wanted to simplify the cabling, also we wanted to free two sas ports on each controller.

The plan is to remove stack 3 and move disk shelves 31 and 32 to stack 1.

We want to change shelves id to continue the numerotation in stack 1 resulting in DS 0, 1, 2 and 3. (2 and 3 being the old 31 and 32 disk shelves ID's).


Are there any issues in doing this? (this will change the disk id's in dataontap and we wanted to know if data will be affected)





There are no issues with changing shelf IDs or moving them to different HBA. Disk configuration is stored on-disk, not tied to specific disk access path.