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SNMP Monitoring FAS8040 CDOT 8.3.2


Hi everyone,


We recently migrated from FAS3220 running 7-mode to FAS8040 running CDOT 8.3.2.  We have an internal monitoring system based on Nagios that we use to monitor devices on our network using SNMP; with the previous FAS3220 running 7-mode, there was a single oid that we could monitor on that system called System Global Status, and it would generate an alert for pretty much any type of issue on the controllers from failed disks, to power issues, network connectivity, HA failover state, volume capacity, etc.  It was very simple to setup monitoring using that oid and very robust with the information it provided.  On the new systems, that oid appears to exist in the MIB but does not actually contain any data when we attempt to query it.  Is it no longer possible to monitor such an OID on this particular hardware or version of ONTAP?  And if so, is there possibly another type of "catch-all" oid that exists within the system, or will we have to manually create a check for each type of alert we want to be alerted on?


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it should still work. but definitely some changes are there, as data ontap version and mode changes. below link is the latest mib you can find on netap website




hopefully helps