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Sata drive reconstruction time


I have a FAS3140A + PAM II, with three shelf DS4243x1TB, 2 in one controller and one in the other one.

A few days ago, I missed a 1TB SATA disk.

The reconstruction started , but I tooks 31hrs to complete.

Is this amount of time normal ..?

Also during the reconstruction process presented a very high latency between 20ms and 30ms ..

Could These high latency times be related to the reconstruction of the disc ..?




Reconstruction times for a 1 TB sata drive on an almost idle system will be about 10 hours. But system load and configuration will have a significant impact on the reconstruction time. In the very few cases where I had a 1 TB disk failure reconstruction took 20-25 hours.

Since you also notice higher latencies I think you system load normally is already high.


Reconstruction time depends from disk size, RAID group size, RAID settings and workload. For 1TB SATA disk with default RAID group size, default RAID settings, and no other workload present reconstruction time 12 hours!!!