ONTAP Hardware

Swap a disk between filers?


So, I need to swap disks from an older out of maint filer, onto a newer out of maint filer....I *think* I should just unown spare disks, and then

own them on the new filer, as they're both the same physically, and both systems are on 8.1 releases. Am I right? or am I about to get it all

horribly wrong.....




Sounds OK in theory….

Never done it though.

Just need to make sure the firmware revisions are in your disk file for the new controllers you are moving to…and in theory should be OK.

Maybe worth a NetApp support question though ,just in caese.

It worked 'as advertised'   As long as the disk is ok, and you unown it, it works

just like a normal disk replacement.


Good stuff…