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Symantec Enterprise Vault and Data Migrations


I'm throwing this out ther because I may or may not be thrilled with the support form a third pary (non Netapp) support.  We are in the process of migrating data from VM's hosted on a Non Netapp array to a Netapp 3240.  The issue we have is we have Vaulted some of this data using Symantec Enterprise Vault.  Of course we are in critical mass for space or we would just explode this data back out.  My question is simple, has anyone had any luck migrating vaulted data without exploding it out?  We have tried Quest, Robocopy, heck, straightcopy in Dos and nothing. errors.. errors.. errors.. anyone done this before?



Hi mrcwillis,

This kind of sounds like you are doing filesystem archiving. Are you trying to migrate the archives or the placeholders? If you're using the placeholders then take a look at the EV utilities document. 289862.pdf talks a bit about how to use `fsautil` with the -m switch to migrate placeholders.

Moving the archive is also pretty easy. Take a look at TECH35742 support article at Symantec. I've migrated to other servers and archive locations. The steps are well described.

If you are moving compliance content then you will probably want to have this done by a third party company to address chain of custody and data spoliation. There are a number of qualified consulting organizations who are well equipped to help with this.




FSAUtility should be used to move the data properly between the servers.  Since they are different platforms a backup and restore will not work as the placeholders are in a different format on NetApp.  The -pm option can be used to move the source archives and data more quickly to the new server target, as long as that target is configured in EV and does not already have an associated archive.   If an archive already exists on the target then the -m switch can be used to move between archives. 

The following may help as well.