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The spec information for FAS2040


I has some questions for FAS 2040

FAS2040 (active/active) Tech Spec announce that its Max. Number of Expansion Disk Drives =124

Q1: how many  DS14 disk shelves it can has?  if number is eight, only 8*14=112 FC disks.

       if number is nine, only 9*14=126 . no one is equal to 124 disks

Q2: I can not use NDMP backup for NAS data if FAS2040 is configured with more than 84 FC disks, for example 100 FC disks. right?



Thanks for posting!

I can answer your first question: the 136 total spindle count can only be reached through a combination of the internal drives, DS4342 shelves, and DS14 shelves.

The math goes like this:

Internal = 12

4x DS4243 = 96

2x DS14 = 28

12 + 96 + 28 = 136

Or, just for the shelves:

4x DS4243 = 96

2x DS14 = 28

96 + 28 = 124

Does that help?

Ethan Werner

Technical Systems Engineer




FAS2040 Max. Number of Expansion Disk Drives is depend on the disk type

for only FC disks, It should be 8*14=112 (  8 DS14 disk shelves )

for only SAS disks, It should be 4*24=96 (  4 DS4243 disk shelves )

For mixed FC and SAS disks, It should be 124 disks (4 DS4243+2DS14)

does it right?


Do you know if there's any possibility of the 2040 shelf support being adjusted to handle (5) DS4243 shelves? That would be almost perfect as would be 120 external disks + the 12 internal disks = 132 disks (only 4 away from the 136 maximum).


Hey Ethan! Thanks for this very useful information!!

The maximum number of DS4243 shelves in a SAS bus is four for any FAS system, or it is only a restriction for FAS2040?

And in the case of DS2246, which has a maximum of ten shelves in a SAS bus, does this number also apply to FAS2040 ?

Thanks in advance!


The maximum of 4x DS4243 or 4x DS2246 shelves per stack is only a limitation for the FAS2040.

Higher end systems can do 10 shelves per stack.


HI Pascal! Thanks for fast reply!!

Do you know any official docs from NetApp that confirm it? I need it to officialize a deal where we are beating against EMC.


Standard system configuration guides have all information you need.



Very useful!!! Tks a lot!


Please note that in Ethan's reply, while unstated, the max number of DS4243 shelves is 4 or 96 total drives.